Cern Bootcamp (10 ECTS)

Multidisciplinary Master’s Studies

CERN BootCamp is an innovative study concept, which is co-created together with CERN, universities and companies for each implementation. BootCamp provides a unique international learning experience to the group of Master’s degree students with multidisciplinary educational background. The focus of the studies is to solve societal problems or challenges of the case organizations by applying service design methods to have a genuinely people centered, empathetic approach.

There will be 25 places available for the Bootcamp

  • 21 master’s degree students from Haaga-Helia/Laurea/Metropolia
  • 2-4 students from Universities of Helsinki/Aalto/Jyväskylä/Lappeenranta-Lahti/Tampere

The selection of students will be made based on the students’ study achievements, phase of studies, motivation to participate, interaction skills, and the information provided in the application form and group discussion. In addition, multidisciplinarity of the student group will be taken into account in the selection process. 

Travelling costs to/from Switzerland and accommodation at the CERN hostel are mainly covered by the universities.

Detailed ap­pli­ca­tion schedule 2022:

  •  Application period: 14th January – 31th January 2022
  • Pre-selection of students (based on the student’s study achievements, phase of studies, and the information provided in the application form): by 11th February 2022
  • Group discussion: 3rd March 2022 between 12-18, at Haaga-Helia Pasila
  • Student selection: latest 6th March 2022

CERN Bootcamp 2022 consists of:

  • Kickoff days: 25th March and 26th March, 2022 at 9-16.30 in Laurea Tikkurila campus
  • Intensive week Switzerland/Geneva: 6th – 11th June, 2022 (departure to Switzerland already on 5th June 2022)

More information (Important dates for application and implementation, challenges etc.) and registration:

Contact persons:

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