Intensive courses

Intensive courses are short and intensive courses (hence the name), that usually last a few days. Students get to deep-dive into a spesific subject and gain expert knowledge which can be utilized in ones career. The content of the courses can vary from picking wild herbs to an innovation project, so there should be something for everyone!

Intensive courses are held throughout the year, and they are usually worth 3-5 ECTS. There are plenty of courses in English as well as Finnish, and the courses can be held at campuses or remotely. Enrollment to the intensive courses usually start at the same time with other enrollments for the semester, but they are open until about 2-4 weeks before the course begins. There might also be new intensive courses added to the page during the semester, so be sure to follow 3AMK:s communication if you want to be in the loop!

More information about spesific courses and enrollment periods can be found by first selecting the semester in question.

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