Learning Excellence


Learning Excellence is one of the four collaboration areas of 3AMK.

Students from these schools can choose single studies or wider Learning Lanes from each school. Students can turn to their own study advisors to learn which courses can be applied to replace mandatory ones.

The Study Offering includes wider Learning Lanes and intensive courses. Learning Lanes are worth 15 ECTS and they focus on future working life.

Intensive studies are in project-form. In them, students can for example develop their own business idea or solve social problems.

There is also wide language course offering, which is formed in
cooperation with Aalto University. This means that students can choose languages either from 3AMK or Aalto University.

More information:

  • Katja Kuuramaa (katja.kuuramaa@haaga-helia.fi)
  • Tatjana Huhtamäki (tatjana.huhtamaki@laurea.fi)
  • Päivi Laine (paivi.laine@metropolia.fi)

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