Keynoter and panelists’


Kati Levoranta has been confirmed as the main speaker in the conference. Kati Levoranta is a partner and Executive Vice President of P2X Solutions Oy – a Finnish forerunner in production and distribution of green hydrogen and synthetic fuels. Before joining P2X Solutions Kati worked at Rovio Entertainment Corporation from 2012 to 2020, serving as a Chief Executive Officer 2016-2020. Prior her time with Rovio Kati held several positions at Nokia Oyj and Nokia Siemens Networks in Finland and Germany. Kati holds a law degree from the University of Turku, an MBA from Helsinki School of Economics and an LL.M from Columbia Law School in New York, USA. She serves as a board member in OP Bank, Finavia Oyj and Juuri Partners Oy.


Topi Jokinen is one of the founders and CEO of Vertia Oy. Vertia’s mission is to improve the quality of construction and it provides manufacturing quality assurance and mapping services. The company, founded in 2011, has a traditional pioneering approach. Vertia operates in a community-oriented manner, involving the entire work community in taking responsibility and developing the company. The staff decides on everything from strategy to salaries. The company has grown profitably from year to year, also ranking in the Financial Times list of the 1000 fastest growing European companies last year. Last year, together with his partner Heikki Jussila, Topi was also awarded the Helsinki Entrepreneur of the Year competition and they came second in the national Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition. In addition to to entrepreneurship and CEO, Topi is the father of two little girls and composes music for movie trailers. 

Asta Raami , Doctor of Arts (M.A. in Digital Media, B.A. in Design, B.A. in Educational Science) is an intuition researcher, educator and author. She defended her PhD Thesis on the development of intuition in creative processes in 2015 (Aalto University Media Lab, Finland). Asta worked 15 years altogether in the academic field in various teaching and R&D positions. She has written several books on the use of intuition as a factor in expertise and the general skills of work life, as well as on harnessing the potential of intuition in visionary and radical innovations. In Finland, intuitive information is acknowledged in the national curriculum, and in relation to this Asta educates principals and teaching staff in integrating intuition in pedagogy at the University of Helsinki. 

Minna Koskelo is a pioneer of future design in Finland. In her thinking, she freshly combines foresight thinking, service design and the humanities – enriching our understanding of what could be and what we could do for the future. Minna’s mission is to integrate future thinking into the decision-making of organizations and people. Minna works in the development of future design and foresight at 11Helsinki Oy, which she founded. Over the past 20 years, she has worked in more than 70 organizations and nearly 40 industries. As a side job, she teaches future thinking at Laurea UAS. Minna is also the founder and leader of Futures Finland, which promotes foresight. 

Jaakko Wäänänen is the founder and CEO of the service design agency Hellon (M.Sc. Economics). For the past 11 years, Jaakko has been building an international success story out of Hellon. Hellon has offices in London and Helsinki, and over the years, about 1000 projects in more than 20 countries around the world have been successfully implemented. Currently, Hellon is the world’s most award-winning service design agency, having won four times the prestigious Global Service Design award during 2015-2021. Jaakko’s special expertise is in the development of customer value guidance, strategic planning and the perception of systemic changes. 

Jaakko is driven by curiosity, learning and building a new business. Jaakko is an active influencer in the Finnish and international corporate field, for instance he’s serving on the board of PME Records. Jaakko is the father of two pre-teenagers and a passionate life enjoyer, sailor and surfer. 

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